Luigi Riccardi is a Manhattan-based print, textile and graphic designer. His diverse background includes working as a videomaker, designing and producing his own digital artwork and t-shirt line, and owning a screenprinting company. With an eye for color and unconventional approach, Luigi is called on to collaborate with fashion and trend & forecasting companies on a variety of design projects, from creating original prints to graphics and collateral. Having lived half his life in his native Torino and the other half in New York, he has a unique perspective and sensibility, inspired by urban & contemporary art as well as classic Italian design. Luigi is also influenced by his many travels, from Kathmandu to Ho Chi Minh City, not to mention few months trekking across India. Ancient symbols and techniques figure prominently in his work, tweaked and filtered through his uniquely creative lens. Outside of his design work, Luigi is a gourmand and a talented cook who loves to put his own spin on the Italian classics, including his beloved Spaghetti Carbonara (a dish he insists on ordering everywhere he travels!) Engines, fine timepieces, and politics are also passions on which he can wax poetic for hours. Luigi and his wife, 3 cats and dog are longtime residents of the East Village.

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